Ski Chalets For Sale Ultimate Guide

Looking for alpine chalets for sale?

Whether you are looking for a second home in the alps, wanting a steady investment yield or looking to start up a ski chalet business we cover all in this ultimate guide to purchasing ski chalets.

The most popular locations looking for ski property for sale are in Austria, followed by Switzerland.

Most people are looking to purchase ski chalets (including purchasing luxury ski chalets) however a significant amount are looking for ski apartments for sale (also called a ski lodge in the US).

Buying a ski chalet for personal use

Owning your own ski chalet is often a dream, plus buy in the right ski area and it will be an appreciating asset, unlike in Bansko Bulgaria where British customers purchased at the height of the development back in 2006 and lost 70% – you can purchase property there for often less than £20,000 now.

Buying a chalet for investment yield

Ski chalet owners now have a number of options now for generating income.

You can choose to manage the inventory yourself through sites such as Airbnb or you can let the chalet to a professional management company to do it for you such as Bongo Property Management. This way investment yields can be as high as 30%.

Or you can lease out the property to a ski chalet operator such as Crystal Ski who would run everything for you.

Purchasing to run as your own ski chalet

Or if you are brave enough and want to change your lifestyle you can purchase a property and run it yourself. There is a huge British ski chalet community in Morzine but also all across Europe as far east in Slovakia where an Australian / Slovak couple run Jasna Adventures.