SEO Client Case Study –

Basecamp came to me wanting to increase their rankings for their most profitable and important keywords “ski instructor courses” and “snowboard instructor courses”. They noticed how I had helped a competitor go from page 3 to page 1 within 6 months and wanted similar results. When I took them on as a client back in 2016 they were 6th for “ski instructor courses” and 8th for the “snowboard instructor courses”.

As at end of August 2018, this is where they rank for the course keywords:

The only reason the SEO software shows the rank #2 for “ski instructor courses” is that there is a featured snippet above them which they also show for!

Featured snippet in the search results – position 0

As can be seen “ski instructor courses” is one of the most competitive keywords in the ski niche with a difficulty of 33 and a CPC of $17.

Through improving site structure, resolving errors in Google Search Console and by advising on link building and optimising internal linking, their organic search has increased 250% over the last 2 years.

Client Testimonial:

“We’ve had our website top in a very competitive search term, and is now consistently in the top 3, which is a long way from where we started. All of the recommendations of changes to our websites have had a positive effect. I’d highly recommend Snowbistro’s services”.

Linley Lewis, Founder, Basecamp Group.

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