Ski Search Engine Optimisation

Typically, ski trade companies focus on trying to rank on page 1 of for popular search phrases such as “ski instructor courses” which gets up to 1,500 searches a month and try to build links to their landing pages that focus on these keywords.

However, the easier approach is to create original and engaging content on your own website which will naturally attract links that you can funnel through to the main pages you want to rank highly for.

Ski marketing keywords

Websites typically get 80%+ of their traffic from long-tail keywords – these are the types of longer search phrases such as ‘best career break ski course’ that you wouldn’t think about creating content for.

This means that publishing interesting and valuable content on your site can (and should) bring in the vast majority of your visitors, far more than ranking first for the biggest head keywords. 

Plus these long-tail search queries can bring in better quality traffic and higher conversion rates.

In order to best rank your content you need to do both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO for ski companies

On-page SEO actions include optimising your site structure in order to reduce the keyword cannibalisation of pages competing with each other for the same search terms. It includes optimising your internal linking and anchor text, optimising your meta titles through A/B testing, adding schema, and removing and redirecting pages inferior pages to optimise for google crawling.

Off-page SEO for ski businesses

Off-page SEO actions include reaching out to relevant sites with content assets asking for links / mentions, as well as getting editorial mentions and guest posting.

However, Matt Cutts, when head of Google Webspam, said that you shouldn’t guest blog just to build links which is a tactic that most generic SEO marketing agencies use. Instead we let you know the type of content you should create that will naturally bring in links as well as can be used to outreach to sites.

Recruit the best writers

You need to employ top quality writers who have previously worked in and around the mountains and snowsports industry, whether that’s seasonaires or ski trade professionals. Here are a few that we have used.


Ski client recommendation

We’ve had our website top in a very competitive search term, and is now consistently in the top 3, which is a long way from where we started. All of the recommendations of changes to our websites have had a positive effect. I’d highly recommend Snowbistro’s services”. Linley Lewis, Founder, Ticket To Ride Group.

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