Ski Chalet Finder Guide

The humble ski chalet is now so embedded in the ski travel DNA that no one quite knows how a wooden alpine dwelling that was traditionally used in the summer by dairy herders became the popular choice for skiers and snowboarders to book for winter holidays. Nowadays, some of the more luxury ski chalet even boast champagne, canapés and cinema rooms. The ski chalet provide the chance for independent minded skiers and snowboarders you to get right in the centre of resort, so that first lifts are just a second away when those fresh powder days call. Use the chaletfinder search box or click on our guides below.

Today, chalet ski holidays are one of the most popular choices for skiers and snowboarders. Sitting around an open fire drinking vin chaud and sharing stories from the slopes is surely much livelier than being stuck in a hotel room or apartment?  

So, how do you know which ski chalet to rent? Do you look around ski chalets in France, ski chalets in Austria, or how about ski chalets in Switzerland? Do you find somewhere out of town, right in the mix, and how important, really, are ski in ski out chalet?

That’s where we come in. Yes, this is the ultimate Ski Chalet resource hub. No longer will you have to scour the internet trying to pinpoint a reliable chalet finder. Everything that you could possibly need is right here – you’re only a scroll away from finding your perfect chalet trip away. 

And the great news is we link directly to so you can be assured you will not fall for the ski chalet scam.

Catered Ski Chalets – Classic Holidays

Ah, the catered ski chalet experience: the concept of sharing accommodation, meals and fireside stories from the slopes with friends, family or like-minded strangers. Unsurprisingly, it’s now one of the most popular and enjoyable choices for a skiing or snowboarding holiday.

The ski chalet holiday has evolved considerably over the decades. No longer is it the dubiously appealing Big Brother house experience, sharing rooms and having cold showers because all the hot water’s run out. Plus, you can forget about any burnt boeuf bourguignon cooked by a 17 year old gap year student with an après hangover and broken wrist from falling off the table dancing at Folies Douce.

Instead, catered ski chalet offers en suite bedrooms, unlimited hot water, boot warmers,  4G WiFi and cordon bleu cooks. The wine comes in bottles rather than out of boxes. And, more and more independent catered ski chalet companies are now taking over accommodation to create niche ski holiday experiences – think snowboarding AND yoga. There’s no doubt that the whole industry has upped its game.

The concepts of having your own hosts prepare a cooked breakfast, afternoon tea and three course dinner with unlimited wine is undeniably attractive (plus a housekeeper to clean and even shop).In fact, the bigger ski operators have also moved on to bigger, better equipped catered ski chalet with trained ski hosts instead of Arabella, the Chalet Girl, spending more time laying down table tops in the snow park rather than table laying in the ski chalet.

The chalet staff usually has one evening off a week, although with Brexit that looks like it will be 2 nights off, but they will help with recommending a restaurant. A catered chalet holiday will also offer delicious home cooked alternatives for anyone with allergies or intolerances.

Self Catered Ski Chalets – The Airbnb Generation

Self catering chalets are a great option for a friends and family do-it yourself-ski holiday as it gives you complete time flexibility. A new concept on the block is food delivery to ski chalets. You simply book your own ski chalet in France and then choose your weekly food pack to be delivered to your chalet kitchen on arrival at the accommodation or delivered fresh every day.