The Ultimate Christmas Present for Skiers?

By Richard Patey / October 18, 2017
Marmota Maps

Lana & Stefan over at Marmota Maps create the most beautiful graphical representations of ski areas and piste maps.

The first one I received is an entire map of the Alpes which I have as a backdrop behind my iMac in my home office – it’s great to look at how large the area is and how many countries it stretches.

Marmota Maps

However the one I am most excited about is a similar map but for the West Coast of America / Canada, so I can recreate the road trip I did with Gav around British Columbia and also around the Tahoe resorts. They are just doing a kickstarter for the Ski Resorts Of The West map which I’ve backed and I’m super excited to get this in time for Christmas!

Take a look at their site where they also offer wall prints, postcards and more >>

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Skier & boarder by day, internet marketing warrior by night :) Did a ski season with Gav in Whistler back in the day and now live between Norwich UK & Jasna SK

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