Top Tips for Travelling to the Slopes

Whether you have just booked your first ski holiday or you’re about to embark on your 3rd adventure of the ski season, here are 5 top tips to help you avoid having a troublesome transfer day and to make the most of your week away in the snow.

The start of a ski holiday can be stressful, packing for a ski holiday can be extremely difficult and then the journey to resort is a long and tiring day. Whilst travelling to your destination you could change modes of transport up to 5 times, this means lots of lugging around your belongings so having the correct luggage can really help ease the stress of the first day. I recommend having wheels on all your baggage and keep your amount of bags to a minimum. One big issue I have come across at airports and coach transfers is the amount of baggage some groups and families take, rather than use lots of smaller bags it is easier to keep track of your luggage and transfer it around if you have larger sized baggage. This minimises the risk of misplacing any items along your journey and gives you ease of mind with less to think about.

Remember those most forgotten items: A survey by Viking River Cruises last year suggested that British holidaymakers spend around £118 million a year on items they have forgotten to pack. For a ski holiday there is a long list of items you need compared to a summer holiday and from my experience these are the items that are hard to replace if left back in the UK: Travel adapters, medication and chargers for your phone, camera, iPad and Go Pro.

As you finish packing just double check you have these small, significant items that can really make a difference on your holiday. Don’t just expect the hotel or accommodation you are staying in to have spares or that you can buy them in resort as you most likely won’t be able to!

Don’t waste time at the airport waiting for the transfer coach to get filled at take you to resort. For those of you that are seasoned skiers or like myself, have worked as a ski rep, I’m sure you have had your far share of problem ski transfers, from having to wait an extra hour for the couple who have lost their luggage, to having to change coaches half way into the journey, or having to stop at 5 other accommodations before you are even dropped off at your own.

What may say a 2 and a half hour transfer from Geneva to Meribel in the brochure, actually works out at least double that. Why waste your precious mountain time on a cramped coach after having travelled most of the day already?

Instead book your own ski transfer from the airport where you can drive straight to your accommodation in style. Once you have reached resort the car is taken away while you get on with your holiday the when it’s time to leave, it’ll be waiting for your return journey.

Unfortunately accidents do happen; don’t get caught out while on your fantastic ski holiday and sort out your travel Insurance beforehand. You could be the safest skier on piste but one of the most common accidents is collisions with other skiers or snowboarders. If you have your own equipment make sure it’s covered on your insurance as well, your ski equipment is valuable and thefts can be devastating.

Be friendly to staff. For the cost of buying a season worker a pint, you could learn valuable information that could really make a difference in your week in the mountains. If you are travelling with a tour operator I recommend that you attend the welcome meeting to find out the local knowledge at the start of your week. Don’t waste your hard earned money in over priced restaurants or end up spending your day skiing on the busiest runs in resort, instead take advantage of hands on info so you can spend your week experiencing the best ski areas and the most amazing après in resort.